Acme Distribution - Denver, Chicago, Harrisburg, Dallas


Impeccable inventory control is the basis upon which any good 3PL operates.   Acme has lived by that principal since 1947 and continues to refine all facets of their operation in support of zero defect performance and 100% inventory accuracy.

There is little question that technology has taken this discipline up several notches in a relatively short period of time.  Still, having the technology isn’t enough.  Knowing how to maximize it is what sets Acme apart.  

Nearly every software customization done at Acme is directly tied to inventory accuracy.  Whether it’s pick-to-voice, RF order checking, or RFID enhancements, the goal remains the same – zero defect receiving, zero defect shipping, and 100% inventory accuracy at every level.  

It wasn’t that many years ago that cycle counts were considered difficult and unreliable in most industries.  Today, at Acme, they’re a necessity, particularly in a world where lead times are short and expectations are high.  In many cases, we’ve helped our customers replace full annual physical inventories with well developed and implemented cycle count programs.  These programs are crafted to meet the requirements of our customers’ internal and external auditors.  The results have been very impressive and quite cost

If you are not completely satisfied with your current inventory accuracy, let Acme do an assessment of your processes and see if there might be some value-add opportunities.