Technology & Systems

We use technology in our day-to-day operations and for many of our partners it has become a key factor in their revenue generation. Acme realizes this and continues to renew and invest in our operations around the use of technology to improve performance, productivity. All to provide our partners with accurate, meaningful and cost effective tools to meet their needs.

RF and Voice Picking

RF & Voice. Real-time activities through scanning of product barcodes, including item, lot, expirations date and many others Voice picking with industry leading Vocollect equipment

Industry Advantages

  • Our warehouse management system provides the ability to manage inventory, receive product and pick orders with RF barcode scanners. The system can scan 1D and 2D barcodes. We also have the ability to pick orders by voice.

Reporting and EDI Integration

Reporting & EDI. In-house EDI team for faster onboarding even with custom mappings Familiarity with most x12 transaction sets including: 940, 945, 943, 944, 856, etc. Ability to generate and schedule custom reports based on customer requirements

Industry Advantages

  • Acme provides real-time information available through our customer portal. We can also generate custom reports and schedule them for regular, automated delivery. We offer a full suite of electronic data interchange interfaces.

Warehouse & Transportation Management Systems

WMS. Real-time picking and packing reporting Replenishment Cycle counting Kitting Advanced billing FIFO, FEFO rotation by item Lot, serial number and expiration tracking by item Countback picking for inventory management

Industry Advantages

  • Acme employs a modern warehouse management system to maintain inventory, manage inbound and outbound shipments. The system is real-time and allows for remote web access of your information.

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